SPAX with European Technical Approval ETA-12/0114

All SPAX screws and threaded rods from 2.5 x 12 to 16.0 x 3000 mm are now summarised in a user-friendly format in European Technical Approval ETA-12/0114.

ETA-12/0114 regulates the use of SPAX as self-tapping screws for use in timber structures that are subject to dimensioning in accordance with EN 1995-1-1 Design of timber structures, so called Eurocode 5 (EC5) and any applicable National Appendices. This allows uniform design and dimensioning throughout Europe.

Compared to the German technical approvals for SPAX, the following regulations are the same or new:

The following remain the same in the ETA:

  • Regulations for minimum distances and spacing
  • Compression reinforcement of beam supports
  • Timber members made of softwood can be pre-drilled
  • Dimensioning of mechanically jointed beams or columns
  • In the case of thermal insulation on rafters counter-plates are possible when using compression-proof insulation materials and parallel inclined SPAX

The following are new in the ETA:

  • Cross-laminated timber (CLT): regulations for dimensioning and minimum distances and spacing
  • Dimensioning relating to shear:
    • Tendency of higher yield moments -> higher load-bearing capacity
  • Dimensioning based on pull-out:
    • Angle-dependent reduction works out lower -> higher load-bearing capacity
    • Characteristic pull-out parameter fax,k is higher -> higher load-bearing capacity
    • Characteristic head pull-through parameter fhead,k is higher -> higher load-bearing capacity
  • Thermal insulation on rafters: Insulating material thicknesses up to 400 mm possible
  • Thermal insulation on rafters: compressible insulation fixed by using fully threaded screws

The following is unique in the ETA for SPAX:

  • Tensile reinforcement perpendicular to grain (connection forces perpendicular to the grain, notched beams, hole in a beam)
  • Shear reinforcement of timber members

The use of SPAX in hardwoods such as oak, beech or ash is not currently regulated by the ETA (ETA will be updated). For further information, please refer to the German technical approvals as long as the ETA update is not available.

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