Angle connectors

The angle bracket is a true all-rounder: it can connect wood to wood as well as wood to concrete, masonry and steel. Its strengths include a high load-bearing capacity, which can be precisely adjusted with the right choice of angles. 

An angle bracket also offers maximum flexibility during installation – especially the versions with a slotted hole in one of the brackets. This means that any errors or inaccuracies made when drilling the plug holes can still be compensated during installation.

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The SPAX Angle Connectors

What are the challenges for fastening?


Above all, angle connectors must have a certain material thickness and quality in order to be able to withstand all loads. In addition to shear forces, tensile forces also occur in the fasteners. For this reason, profiled lanyards such as the SPAX wood connector screw or the SPAX groove nail are approved. Of course, every angle connector comes with corrosion protection, hot-dip galvanizing makes our angles resistant to all types of rust, provided they are installed in the area that is not directly weathered (NKL1 and NKL2).

What solutions does SPAX offer?


We meet the many different requirements for angle connectors with a wide range of models. A total of 13 different angle connectors are in our program, which are perfectly tailored to all connection variations (wood/wood, wood/concrete, wood/masonry and wood/steel). Different sheet thicknesses and leg lengths enable you to master any static challenge with a SPAX angle connector.

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