Safety and lasting corrosion protection are the main challenges that face fence fasteners. With the SPAX washer head screws and special SPAX post screws, you are armed for all eventualities when fastening posts and fences.

The main facts at a glance

  • Because wood should not come into contact with soil, the wooden posts of fences need to be fixed in place using various types of metal supports.
  • Like with all outdoor projects, when planning your fence, don't forget to consider corrosion protection.
  • The SPAX post screws are the ideal choice for all wooden fence posts up to a height of 1 m. 

Are you planning to delineate the boundaries around your property? A classic wooden fence is the perfect answer and not only offers privacy, but also visually enriches your garden. In order to ensure a durable fence that lasts long into the future, there are a couple of things you should consider during planning and building. Wood should never be in direct contact with soil. Therefore, wooden fence posts tend to be anchored in the ground with so-called H anchors or post anchors made of galvanised steel – embedded in a concrete point foundation. Alternatively, you can also use ground impact or screw sleeves which, as the name suggests, are fixed directly in the ground without concrete. But all of these metal anchors do more than just secure the statics of your fence. They also protect it from rainwater.

What do I need to consider?


A wooden fence has little to fear: there are no large static loads on the posts or the fence elements themselves. The only thing you need to prevent is the risk of corrosion – as always with outdoor projects. When fastening the posts into ground anchors, it is important to use screws with the right diameter and a sufficient head size since most ground anchors have two 12.5-mm holes for each fastening.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


In addition to the standard wood construction screws with washer head in WIROX and stainless steel A2, we offer a true specialist for posts up to a height of approx. 1 m – the SPAX post screw. With its 8-mm diameter and a collar below the screw head, it always ensures a clean finish. The fillister head fits neatly in the holes of most ground anchors. And the stainless-steel design of the post screw provides maximum protection against unsightly rusting. The CUT point also makes pre-drilling completely unnecessary (except on hardwoods). This means there is no longer any need to pre-drill posts on two sides and waste time threading conventional hex screws. 

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Facade screw, Fixing thread, raised countersunk head, T-STAR plus, 4CUT, stainless steel A2 antique
Façade screw, stainless steel A2 antique
  • Head Shape: Raised countersunk head
  • Drive: T-STAR plus
  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Point: 4CUT
  • Thread Shape: Fixing thread
Façade screw, partial thread, raised countersunk head extra small, T-STAR plus, CUT point, stainless steel A2
Facade screw stainless steel A2, extra small head
  • Head Shape: Raised countersunk head
  • Drive: T-STAR plus
  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Point: CUT
  • Thread Shape: Partial thread

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