Beam shoes

In rare cases, even the strongest wood screw isn't quite enough, for instance, when a screw cannot be fastened at the correct angle or access to the wood is restricted in renovation projects. For all such scenarios, SPAX offers strong alternatives, such as the SPAX joist hangers. They are ideal for connecting secondary beams to main beams on joist framing, for example. They enable the precise adjustment and pre-assembly of secondary beams to main beams so that all that is left to do is simply slide the secondary beam into place. Different nail arrangements also enable the adjustment of the load-bearing capacity to the static calculation.

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The SPAX Beam Shoe Range

What solution does SPAX offer?


The SPAX beam shoe range offers the perfect solution for all types of connections from secondary beams to a main girder – this applies above all to the material mix, i.e. the combination of wood/wood, wood/concrete and wood/steel. Here, the combination perforation ensures that threaded rods or concrete screws can also be used as fasteners. The sheet thicknesses are chosen in such a way that they can withstand all loads from the shear force. For screw connections close to the edge on main beams, we offer two beam shoe variants with internal legs. Finally, we also have a two-piece beam shoe for the renovation in the program.

What are the challenges for fastening?


When beam shoes are used, tensile forces occur in the fasteners in addition to shear forces. For this reason, profiled lanyards, such as the SPAX wood connector screws and the SPAX groove nails, are approved. In the beam shoe itself, compressive forces occur mainly in the perforated reveals. These compressive forces are safely dissipated into the fasteners by a corresponding sheet thickness. We have also optimized the hole spacing of our beam shoes so that the best possible combination of the number and spacing of the screw/nail holes ensures maximum load capacity.
Since beam shoes are usually processed within a ceiling construction, hot-dip galvanizing is the optimal corrosion protection for this purpose.

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