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Only SPAX wood connector screws may be used to fasten the wood connectors to OSB and fibreboard (chipboard) – ideally in conjunction with our SPAX T-STAR bits. It is important to select screw length to ensure that the screw tip protrudes through the rear side of the board. 


Connector nails, on the other hand, are used where nails are subjected to pull-out and shear forces, for instance, for fastening wood connectors, in wood construction, carpentry shops or construction stores. They are hammered into wood like normal nails. However, they hold like screws – thanks to the conical shape below the flat head, which enables force-fitted, centric fastening. In many cases, SPAX wood connector screws can be used as an alternative to connector nails. This often presents the advantage of achieving a comparably higher load-bearing capacity – at least on steel plate thicknesses t ≥ 2 mm.

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SPAX nails and screws for wood connectors

SPAX wood connector screws can be used as a replacement for grooved nails. In many cases, a higher load-bearing capacity can be achieved compared to grooved nails (applies to sheet steel thicknesses t ≥ 2 mm). Only SPAX wood connector screws may be used to attach the wooden connectors to OSB and flat pressed boards (chipboard). Important: Choose screw length so that the screw tip protrudes on the back of the plate. For optimal use, we recommend our SPAX T-STAR Bits. 

Grooved nails are used where nails are stressed on pulling out and shearing. They are hammered into the wood like a nail, but hold like a screw. Under the flat head there is a conical attachment, whereby the hole in the connector is always fully filled when the nail is hammered in, thus creating a force-locked, centric attachment. Grooved nails are used for fastening wooden connectors, in timber construction, engineering timber construction, carpentry, construction shops, etc.

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