Rafter anchors & rafter feet

The purlin anchors are used to connect two pieces of wood that cross over each other, such as rafters that run at an incline and thus need an inclined connection. After all, although rafters are generally installed with grooves to transfer all loads to the ties and purlins, they still need additional wood connectors. To secure everything in place, therefore, purlin anchors are required.

Truss clips are used on a special roof type known as a couple roof. Since such roofs do not have ties or purlins, the rafter pairs need to redirect all loads to the base points. In other words, a solid and sturdy truss clip is of key importance as an abutment.

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The SPAX rafter purlin anchors & feet

What are the challenges for fastening?


Basically, the rafter purlin anchors serve to secure the position and to absorb wind suction forces of the individual rafters. Here, the shear strength of the SPAX grooved nails and the SPAX wood connector screws is crucial. Due to the large number of rafter purlin anchors to be mounted on a roof, ease of installation should also play a role.
A good rafter foot with a large base plate offers above all the possibility to anchor it securely to the substrate (concrete or wood). The sheet thickness should also be appropriate in order to be able to absorb the enormous loads.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


Three types of rafter purlin anchors and two types of rafter feet belong to the range of SPAX wooden connectors. With the rafter purlin anchor SXPUS we have an innovative variant in our program, which brings several assembly facilitations, such as the assembly mandrel . The biggest advantage, however, is that you can attach the rafters on both sides with just one connector, so there are no left and right anchors anymore. But traditionalists will also find a variant to their taste with the rafter purlin anchor R+L Set SXPRL, which shows its strengths especially with large wooden dimensions.
With the rafter foot connectors, you are well equipped with the SXTCC concrete and the SXTCT wood for all applications. Both are solid (2.5 mm sheet thickness) and offer either two 17 holes for mounting in concrete or a hole pattern with 5mm holes for fixing in wood with SPAX grooved nails or SPAX wood connector screws. Both are the best prerequisites for a securely anchored abutment.

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