Tie rods

As an ultra-light building material, wood has a lot of advantages, from good heat protection properties to simple processing. Nevertheless, such a light building material needs to be firmly secured against lifting and shifting due to wind suction, for instance. Subsequent fastening of ties is also virtually impossible if closed wall elements have already been installed on both sides. Hold-downs are the ideal solution in both scenarios. Put simply, these are non-isosceles angle brackets, the short base plate of which is anchored to the substrate using plugs, threaded rods or concrete screws, while the long bracket is nailed or fastened to the vertical wood component. This strengthens the connection between the ground plate or ceiling and the walls or wood supports. 

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The SPAX tie rods

What are the challenges for fastening?


Tie rods are called tie rods because the base plate and thus the anchorage in the subsoil are stressed to pull out. A tie rod therefore primarily needs a stable base plate, which is reinforced if necessary by an additional pressure plate. The tensile force to be absorbed in the long leg is absorbed in the long leg by the fasteners such as SPAX grooved nails or SPAX wood connector screws and dissipated into the tie rod. The height of the pick-up tensile load capacity of the tie rod is therefore a question of the leg length, the hole pattern and the degree of nailing.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


Our four tie rod variants offer the optimum ratio of compact design and maximum load capacity for every installation situation. The planner or fabricator can easily configure a special fastening solution by selecting the right size and using the sometimes optional printing plates. Interlayers made of chipboard or OSB boards are also possible for the use of our tie rods. Since the necessary SPAX groove nails and SPAX wood connector screws also come from our company, we have an optimally coordinated system. So you are always on the safe side with the SPAX tie rods.

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