SPAX calculation software for concrete screws

The SPAX calculation software for concrete screws offers optimised solutions and reliable results. Which concrete screw fits my project? With our calculation software, this question can be answered quickly and efficiently. The intuitive programme not only lets you customise your project - it naturally also takes into account common characteristic loads such as seismic loads or fire loads. In addition, the software adheres to all current standards, ETAs and Eurocode Guidelines.




Further advantages:





Based on the data entered, the SPAX calculation software for concrete screws selects the ideal fastening solution and thus facilitates the planner's work with just a few clicks.






Nothing is older than yesterday's software - the automatic online programme update therefore guarantees that you can work with the latest version at any time. 



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Before you start: Please note that a local installation is required for use.

SPAX Concrete Screws Software

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