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Altenloh, Brinck & Co.

ABC was the first screw manufacturer in Germany to significantly influence fastening technology. Using state-of-the-art cold massive forming technology, with new, innovative products and with intensive research and development work.

Altenloh, Brinck & Co. delivers goods all around the world. The ABC Group achieved a total turnover of approx. €250 million with the construction material, furniture and plastic processing industries and the strongly growing DIY sector.

SPAX International

For decades, SPAX International has stood for innovative, quality screw manufacturing. The success story began as early as 1823, when the company, then under the name of Altenloh, Brinck & Co., started industrial production of screws, in Germany.

Continuous further development culminated in the introduction of the new SPAX®, marking a leap in technological developments in screw production. The universally compatible new SPAX® with it's patented updates, such as the MULTI Head, the ground serrations or the 4CUT, secures the company a leading position on the screw market for years to come.

SPAX International now has around 500 employees in Germany, producing up to 50 million screws each day. Subsidiary companies and partners in other countries throughout the whole of Europe and overseas make sure worldwide sales and distribution run smoothly. For many years now, SPAX has been not just a successful brand name, but also the epitome of the most modern screws for professionals and Do-it-yourself fans.

Uncompromised quality and absolute customer orientation are at the heart of both the company philosophy and its formula for success. It all starts with the development of the innovative machinery and complex systems used for screw manufacturing by ABC’s group of companies itself. This, and years of experience, give the company it's insurmountable competitive edge over competitors and imitators.

Qualifications and further training measures for employees are very much central to the company’s strategy. After all, a good product can only be manufactured by qualified and satisfied employees. That’s why we employ long-standing, well-trained staff, who have learned their trade inside out, so as to keep pace with rapid technological development.

At SPAX, craftsmanship and high-tech combine. Engineers, tool manufacturing and production staff all work in perfect harmony. The result is a branded product of the highest quality.

Most of all, we focus on the individual needs of the customer. That’s why SPAX produces countless product variations, all tailored to the differing requirements of our customers in industry, trade and DIY, all specially manufactured and packaged. Our approach to optimum customer service insists on constant availability for delivery and comprehensive product information. The high level of customer satisfaction proves us right.

ABC Umformtechnik

Since the company was founded in 1823 in Ennepetal, Germany, ABC has written fastening technology history and set numerous standards. The leading position we enjoy on today's market is based above all on the use of state-of-the-art technology for cold massive forming and the processing of plastics, on innovative products and the highest quality standards.

As a development supplier for Germany’s leading automotive manufacturers, ABC Umformtechnik affords the highest priority to close cooperation and the direct transfer of know-how with project partners at all stages of product development. The result is perfect economical solutions for individual fastening technology problems.

AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör

Through close cooperation with its customers, AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör develops individual problem solutions optimised in line with requirements. The focus is always on construction and the subsequent mass-production of components.

AZ’s special expertise is at home on the market across many different industries. And no combination of composite materials is too difficult for AZ’s highly qualified team of production engineers.

The solution is developed through close cooperation with the production department. Optimised production processes in serial production are thus guaranteed right from the start. In this way, AZ achieves the best possible cost effectiveness throughout the process. State-of-the-art engineering and development tools ensure that current problem solutions are always one step ahead. The solutions we find often go far beyond the original requirements.


The plastics processing company was founded in 1958 by Karl-Heinz Sander-Beuermann (1983) and Gertrud Sander-Beuermann (1989) in a former farmhouse in Elvershausen near Northeim (Lower Saxony), and has continued to grow over the course of its history.

SABEU develops injection-cast articles made from all conventional thermoplasts and thermoplastic elastomers, and manufactures these using state-of-the-art controlled and regulated injection casting machines in a closing pressure range from 250 - 2,500 kN. The development, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of the injection-casting dies required are performed by SABEU in its own high-performance die production department.

Plastics technology at the highest level!