Exterior applications

Wind, sun, rain and fluctuating temperatures all have an effect on our outdoor projects. In order to ensure they remain functional and look good for a long time to come, choose the perfect stainless-steel SPAX screw and the right system – whether you want to build decking, construct a boardwalk or footbridge, install façade cladding or add a pergola or fence to your garden. 

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SPAX Outdoor Applications


In the outdoor sector, SPAX offers the right solutions for terraces, including their substructure, floorboards, paths, footbridges, facades, pergolas, fences and for the protection of wood.

We help with the choice of screws

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For every challenge, SPAX has a screw that is up to it:
Find exactly the fastener your project needs with our screw consultant. With a few clicks you can find the right screw for your application.

SPAX outdoor projects

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