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200 years of ABC

The home of SPAX

200 years ago, ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO was the first German company to start the industrial production of screws.


That was the beginning of an eventful history.


The global brand SPAX was born from this origin. It revolutionized timber construction and has continued to evolve ever since.


Today, the SPAX is THE screw par excellence. With its typical SPAX properties and its brand quality "Made in Germany", it convinces all people worldwide who work with wood – and many more. 


Discover our chronicle now and find out how ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO has written 200 years of company history.

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A journey through time with ABC 

SPAX Historie Frimengebäude


The first industrially manufactured screw comes from Ennepetal


On September 8, 1823, five founding fathers decide on the mechanical production of screws on the Milspe (Ennepetal): Theodor Altenloh, Wilhelm Brinck, Franz Arnold Riecke and Johann Christoph Wellershaus sign a contract and found ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO.

This is where the "historical quality" of SPAX begins – but there is still a long way to go before the quality guarantee "Made in Germany" is achieved. 


Even then, modern: New techniques and processes


ABC uses the first fully automatic wood screw machine and thus achieves the production of a large number of 150,000 screws of the same quality. Capacities are expanded, halls built and technologies introduced: ABC is the first screw manufacturer to use the thread rolling process, with which threads could be produced faster and more cost-effectively.

To this day, in addition to the high quality of the material and the exact production, the thread and the tip shape are particularly important for SPAX. But there are still 100 years until the actual "invention" of SPAX. 


ABC expands its production to Gevelsberg


Due to the high demand for ABC products, production had to be expanded. ABC started producing wood screws in neighbouring Gevelsberg.

To this day, Gevelsberg is an important part of SPAX: Administration and sales as well as our "cadre forge" are located here – the ABC training center, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary and where our SPAX junior staff are trained.


But now: SPAX is revolutionizing timber construction!


ABC launches the 1st generation SPAX: The universal screw SPAX in its characteristic green packaging will become synonymous with the modern universal screw for do-it-yourselfers and processors on all continents.


New outstanding features for SPAX, the 2nd generation


With the SPAX-S, ABC shows the result of the further development of our SPAX: Now it is equipped with a serrated edge, which provides additional "bite". 


ABC establishes itself as a holding company


The ABC Group establishes itself with the establishment of a holding company with three independent companies: In addition to ABC Umformtechnik (until 2021) and AZ – Equipment and Accessories (until 2017), we – SPAX International – are still an important part of ABC today. 


Striving for perfection: The third generation SPAX


ABC revolutionizes the market once again with the new SPAX: CUT tip, MULTI head, full and partial thread in conjunction with the patented shaft profile, T-STAR plus force attack with matching T-STAR plus bit – a high-tech screw of the top class. It will probably remain so forever.


ABC and SPAX "discover" America

ABC acquires the American company TRUFAST, manufacturer of roof fasteners, which has meanwhile been transferred to ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. US (ABC US). This is also the location of our new SPAX production facility in Ohio, USA.


Broadening horizons: New technologies at ABC

ABC acquires a majority stake in SABEU from Northeim (Germany), whose innovative solutions in injection molding and membrane production are in demand worldwide and are used in laboratories, the packaging industry and medical technology.

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The anniversary year – and everyone celebrates with us!


In its anniversary year, the ABC Group includes SPAX International, ABC US and SABEU. The ABC Group looks back on two centuries full of exciting developments and technical achievements. We are proud to be part of this group with the global brand SPAX – and take off together into the next century! 

200 years home of SPAX – 200 good reasons for SPAX, for you and for us.

200 reasons for SPAX


Because SPAX fastens my world. Because SPAX is green power in wood construction. Because SPAX is ready for the future. Because SPAX is shaping the company for a sustainable future. Because SPAX promotes e-mobility. Because SPAX boxes are 100% recyclable. Because SPAX boxes and catalogues are sustainable. Because SPAX really embraces the "We Care." sustainability programme. Because the SPAX 4CUT point reduces the screwing-in torque. Because the SPAX T-STAR plus drive offers better guiding. Because the SPAX Kaiman pro is a truly professional wrench. Because SPAX thinks holistically with SPAX wood connectors. Because the patented SPAX serrations go all the way to the point. Because the SPAX nail plugs and SPAX screws make a formidable duo. Because SPAX with sealing screw has its head screwed on. Because SPAX MULTI head enables clean, flush countersinking. Because SPAX with WIROX and YELLOX surfaces are ultra-durable. Because the SPAX T-STAR plus bit guarantees an optimal hold. Because fastening overhead is easy with SPAX. Because the slide coating makes SPAX screws faster. Because T-STAR plus and SPAX screws go together perfectly. Because no pre-drilling is necessary with SPAX. Because SPAX can do everything from outdoor to indoor. Because SPAX even makes your camping trips more relaxed. Because tensile force and load are no match for SPAX. Because SPAX GIX even offers a solution for dry lining applications. Because the SPAX decking system is perfectly coordinated. Because the L-BOXX offers simple and practical screw transport. Because SPAX stainless-steel screws withstand all weather conditions. Because the SPAX Iso keeps your roof secure. Because SPAX black screws are timelessly elegant. Because SPAX wood connectors and SPAX screws offer a solution from one single source. Because SPAX angle brackets enable more flexible installation. Because SPAX is also available in clever sets.  Because SPAX screws are available in countless designs. Because everything is OK with SPAX. Because the SPAX bit box has everything you need. Because our SPAX angle brackets are steady as a rock. Because SPAX is the perfect screw for every application. Because SPAX also gets to grips with concrete. Because SPAX has it all – both outdoors and indoors. Because SPAX has the best bits. Because the SPAX screw heads are smarter. Because you can build the best birdhouse with SPAX. Because you can build the best planter with SPAX. Because your tiny house needs SPAX. Because no window installation should be without SPAX. Because SPAX is part of spectacular buildings. Because SPAX makes modern wood architecture possible. Because playgrounds are safer with SPAX. Because SPAX even keeps roller coasters together. Because SPAX is committed to long-term, reliable social engagement. Because SPAX supports the THW Federal Agency for Technical Relief. Because SPAX gives refugees a chance. Because SPAX supports social projects. Because SPAX embraces diversity. Because SPAX understands integration as more than just a word. Because SPAX supports the Kinderschutzbund Ennepetal children's association. Because SPAX puts social responsibility at the fore. Because SPAXI organises fun campaigns for children. Because SPAX is made in Germany. Because SPAX endures. Because good wood deserves good SPAX screws. Because SPAX screws keep you calm at work. Because SPAX makes everything easy. Because SPAX has the best partners. Because SPAX nurtures its local roots. Because SPAX stands for stability and precision. Because nothing holds better than SPAX. Because SPAX not only thinks about shape, but also the surface. Because SPAX decking is durable and sturdy. Because SPAX was crowned supplier of the year. Because SPAX always fits. Because SPAX has the best screws. Because SPAX makes things perfect. Because SPAX has a good reputation – that it has earned. Because SPAX is unrivalled. Because good furniture is best fastened with SPAX. Because SPAX is certified. Because SPAX keeps you on the safe side. Because SPAX gives you peace of mind. Because SPAX is made of 200 years of experience. Because SPAX has a tradition of excellence. Because SPAX is the original. Because SPAX is proud of its local roots. Because SPAX remains local as a family-run business. Because SPAX shows a connection to its home. Because SPAX continues its tradition. Because SPAX has a beautiful home.  Because SPAX has international branches. Because SPAX is found everywhere – in Europe and all over the world.  Because all SPAX locations pull together worldwide. Because SPAX has been at the cutting edge for 200 years. Because SPAX keeps you up to date with the latest on wood construction. Because SPAX constantly develops new innovations. Because SPAX listens to what people are saying in the wood construction industry. Because SPAX constantly expands its range of fasteners. Because SPAX is open to change. Because SPAX invests in the future. Because SPAX always develops its products further.  Because SPAX thinks beyond wood. Because SPAX is a forerunner of digitisation. Because SPAX is here for you.  Because SPAX gives you the full picture. Because SPAX adapts its packaging to the demands of its users. Because SPAX never leaves your questions unanswered. Because SPAX employees know what you need. Because SPAX speaks the language of craft. Because SPAX offers helpful information on lots of technical issues. Because SPAX personally assists its customers and can also respond to individual requests. Because SPAX offers fantastic tools for planning and implementation. Because SPAX provides optimal online work aids. Because SPAX offers a technical glossary on everything you need to know about screws. Because SPAX offers tailored solutions for professionals. Because the SPAX newsletter keeps you up to date. Because the SPAX screw finder even assists you in-store. Because SPAX helps you to plan your dream decking.  Because SPAX is faster to find in DIY stores. Because many SPAX products come complete with bit. Because the SPAX design software is on hand to help. Because SPAX shows you how everything works in practice at trade fairs. Because we make sure that you find everything you need on the store shelf. Because SPAX brochures are also digital. Because SPAX supports sportspeople. Because SPAX and Konny Reimann are a solid fit. Because my father always swore by SPAX screws. Because Konny Reimann and Ralf Dammasch go for SPAX. Because hundreds of roofers, carpenters and joiners opt for SPAX. Because SPAX collaborates with cool influencers. Because the SPAX Decking Portal offers an all-round package. Because our screw finder identifies your perfect screw fast. Because SPAX TV always keeps you up to date. Because SPAX explains products on YouTube. Because SPAX gives away fantastic prizes on social media. Because SPAX.com keeps you informed. Because you can always learn something new with SPAX. Because SPAX does digital. Because SPAX also does comics. Because SPAX has released lots of great DIY guides. Because SPAX promotions are the best. Because SPAX has the best buses. Because SPAX has the best trade fair booths. Because SPAXletten flip-flops are incredibly cool. Because the SPAX style is on point. Because SPAX has the best lunch boxes. Because SPAX is a great employer. Because the ABC training centre is here for the next generation. Because SPAX offers its employees free drinks and fruit. Because SPAX is a secure employer even in times of crises. Because SPAX has the best and friendliest employees. Because SPAX makes Friday a reduced working day. Because SPAX welcomes working from home. Because SPAX has a can-do mentality. Because SPAX acts as a role model for the region. Because SPAX nurtures a great sense of cohesion between managers and employees. Because SPAX strongly supports and encourages its trainees. Because SPAX offers six weeks of holiday per year. Because SPAX offers free flu vaccinations. Because SPAX promotes the individual development of each of its employees. Because SPAX supports further training. Because SPAX makes cross-departmental career changes possible. Because SPAX offers company pension plans for employees. Because SPAX organises team events. Because SPAX Academy furthers your development. Because SPAX has a stylish working environment. Because SPAX hospitality is second to none. Because SPAX solves problems. Because wood wants SPAX. Because SPAX is sexy. Because SPAX makes work fun. Because SPAX builds things you want to hug. Because it's fun to spax. Because SPAX is green all over. Because SPAX builds relationships on a sturdy basis. Because fastening with SPAX is the only way to fasten properly. Because SPAX even holds a government together. Because SPAX is so beautifully green. Because SPAX products stand for successful projects. Because nothing speaks against SPAX. Because SPAX is effortlessly elegant. Because SPAX makes sure everything is just right. Because SPAX doesn't have a screw loose. Because SPAX makes fastening fun. Because SPAX is the BEST reason. Because there is nothing bad about SPAX. Because SPAX makes beautiful screws. Because SPAX weds wood with wonder. Because SPAX works hard and plays hard. Because decking without SPAX is like summer without sun. Because SPAX is easy to use for everyone. Because SPAX turns you into a pro. Because SPAX has spirit. Because SPAX makes dreams come true. Because SPAX is simply the best. Because things stay together better with SPAX. Because SPAX builds projects worth celebrating. Because SPAX gives you security. Because SPAX makes everything work. Because SPAX turns you into a hero. Because SPAX has got it going on. Because SPAX can't be topped. 


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