Wood connectors

Our comprehensive range is about to grow even further: with the wood connector range, we are expanding our portfolio to include joist hangers, hold-downs and more, thus offering specialised, ultra-efficient solutions for every challenge in wood construction. Our wood construction screws guarantee you will be ready for all scenarios.

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For every challenge, SPAX has a screw that is up to it:
Find exactly the fastener your project needs with our screw consultant. With a few clicks you can find the right screw for your application.

With SPAX you are prepared for all eventualities – with our timber construction screws and with our innovative range of wood connectors.

Beam shoes

There are situations when wood construction screws are not the optimal solution to the static problem - this is where our beam shoes help. Find out more in our video.

Rafter purlin anchors

In this video we show you that the rafter purlin anchor from the SPAX wood connector range does a lot differently. Usually, left and right anchors are used for a wooden connection – not so with the rafter purlin anchor SXPUS. A single model is enough here, so you save on warehousing.


SPAX angle connectors are used to secure the beam position against tilting or lifting. Special angle connectors for connecting wood to concrete ensure a bomb-proof hold on threaded rods or heavy-duty anchors. Learn more in this video.

Tie rod

Tie rods are needed to fix rising wooden parts on the ground and secure them against lift-offs. SPAX expert Uli shows you in our new video why the SPAX tie rod is a wooden connector with real added value.

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Calculation software timber construction

Design your timber construction projects according to EC5 and ETA with the SPAX calculation software. The browser version offers you an online dimensioning.

Wood Connectors Catalog

Discover now the entire range of SPAX wood connectors, bundled in one catalog.

Wood construction screws

Are you looking for the right screw for the wood connector? Then click now and find the appropriate counterpart for your timber construction project.

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