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Classic connectors also reach their limits sometimes – for instance, when building materials like wood, steel or concrete are connected. For all such cases, SPAX offers connectors with special designs to guarantee a secure hold even in special scenarios.

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Profile anchor SXPA
Profile anchor 28-15
  • Item number: R:1632_34564
T-beam anchor SXHE
T-beam anchor
  • Item number: R:1632_34565
Flat connector SXFL
Flat connector
  • Item number: R:1632_34566
Heavy-duty flat connector SXFLH
Flat connector
  • Item number: R:1632_34567
Press-in plug SXDC, single-sided
Press-in plug, single-sided
  • Item number: R:1632_34568
Press-in plug SXDC double-sided
Press-in plug, double-sided
  • Item number: R:1632_34569

Other wood connectors from SPAX

What are the challenges for fastening?


While in conventional connectors the loads are mainly dissipated via the screws, in the case of connections of wood to steel and concrete, the connectors themselves are also highly stressed. In the case of positive connections, material thickness and quality play a particularly important role. When connected to the timber component, our SPAX grooved nails and SPAX wood connector screws offer a more than sufficient load-bearing capacity compared to the shearing that occurs here.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


When it comes to the steel beams frequently used in the construction industry (IPE or HEB), we offer exactly the right solution with our anchor T-beams SXHE. Also for the Halfen rails we have the right counterpart in the program with the profile anchor SXPA, whereby our profile anchors are suitable for three Halfen rail variants. With the press-fit dowel (one- and two-sided) you are perfectly equipped if you want to transfer shear forces safely from wood to wood or wood to steel. And finally, with our flat connectors, we offer a kind of all-rounder for longitudinal or cross-connections of wood/wood and wood/concrete.

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