Perforated plates & angles

Nail-on plates and nail-on angle brackets take care of virtually everything: they are ideal for practically all wood-to-wood connections; nail-on plate dimensions are designed for all standard applications. Nail-on strips can also be cut to size in length to meet the specific installation requirements. The width is restricted to 40 mm to 300 mm.

4 Products

SPAX perforated plate angle SXANP isosceles
Nail-on angle bracket
  • Item number: R:1635_34577
SPAX perforated plate angle SXANP non-isosceles
Nail-on angle bracket, non-isosceles
  • Item number: R:1635_34578
SPAX perforated plate strip SXNPS
Nail-on strips
  • Item number: R:1635_34579
SPAX perforated plate SXNP
Nail-on plate
  • Item number: R:1635_34580

The SPAX perforated plates and perforated plate brackets

What are the challenges for fastening?


As with almost all wooden connectors, perforated plates and perforated plate angles primarily develop shear forces. On the one hand, the number of holes and thus nails or screws and on the other hand the quality of the fasteners are responsible for their derivation. Again, therefore, all perforated plates and perforated plate angles should only be mounted with the SPAX grooved nails or the SPAX wood connector screws.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


Our SXNPS perforated plate strips are a whopping 1,200 mm long, and with a total of ten different widths, you are prepared for every application. You have even more possibilities (a total of 32) with the perforated plate SXNP, especially large-area and load-bearing connections are easily possible. For the perforated plate angles, we offer an isosceles and an unequal version.

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