SPAX stands for the best screws for wood construction. And for every material.

After all, SPAX has the perfect screw for every material and application. Including universal and wood construction screws, concrete screws, special screws and screws for dry lining.

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For every challenge, SPAX has a screw that is up to it:
Find exactly the fastener your project needs with our screw consultant. With a few clicks you can find the right screw for your application.

The characteristics of the SPAX

T-STAR plus

Clean fit of the bit and better guidance, e.g. when processing overhead.

MULTI head

Flush sinking. Mills in wood - brakes on metal.

Shaft profile

For fast and safe screwing.


Without pre-drilling (depending on the wood), their tip effectively reduces the splitting effect. Square displaces the fibres of the wood and reduces the screw-in torque.

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The characteristics of a SPAX

What makes a SPAX screw so special? Find out in this video.

Partial thread vs. full thread

What do you use which screws for and which thread is the right one? Find out in this video. 

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SPAX stands for high-quality screws and much more. Watch the video now and experience SPAX. 

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