Extras/ Accessories

Projects are also available with special equipment: With our range of extras, you can make connections even easier and more elegant. With our accessories for terraces, you can secure your project beyond connections. 

Our extras

We help with the choice of screws

Find the right screw for your project – with our screw consultant

For every challenge, SPAX has a screw that is up to it:
Find exactly the fastener your project needs with our screw consultant. With a few clicks you can find the right screw for your application.

So that every project succeeds - the SPAX accessories

Our bits

The SPAX T-STAR plus – the connection system consisting of screw and bit. No slipping of the bit, no spinning or wobbling of the screw, no splintering or splicing in the wood: The recess in the SPAX T-STAR plus force attack of the screw and the matching SPAX T-STAR plus bit with the extra guide pin ensure optimum power transmission.

SPAX - the company

Learn more about SPAX in this video. 

Build a wooden terrace (yourself)

Building your own wooden terrace made easy: With these SPAX instructions, Ralf Dammasch and Claus Scholz from Ab ins Beet show you how to build a wooden terrace and use a wooden substructure.

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