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Why only dream about it? SPAX shows how wooden terraces work today: Be inspired by the example of exclusive wooden terraces and bring your terrace idea to virtual life with the SPAX terrace configurator. Then simply print out the corresponding construction plan and the material list. Thanks to vivid terrace construction videos, wood information and checklists from the professional, the structural execution becomes an easy exercise and the terrace dream becomes reality!

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Quickly and easily to the dream terrace with the online terrace configurator from SPAX.

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Interesting facts about the most commonly used wood species in terrace construction.

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The most important tips for terrace construction from SPAX.

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Discover the SPAX terrace range for the construction of your new, durable and weather-resistant terrace.

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Terrace construction with SPAX

The most important facts in brief

  • When creating your wooden terrace, there are many options: from Bangkirai to Douglas fir, to wood or aluminum substructures.
  • Note: A wooden terrace is permanently exposed to the elements. Therefore, use SPAX screws made of stainless steel, which withstand the weather particularly well.
  • To ensure that the construction lasts a long time, SPAX not only offers the right screws. But also solutions for all other challenges of a wooden terrace: products for long-term wood protection or the compensation of uneven surfaces. Coordinated tools for easy work. And captivating optics through perfect screwing - whether visible or invisible.
  • That's what we call: The SPAX system solution.



No matter how you design it or where you place it: A wooden terrace always looks good. The important thing is that you are aware of all the challenges when planning your project - because there are a few things to consider with a wooden terrace. SPAX not only offers the right screws for them. But also the right accessories - with solutions for everything do-it-yourselfers need for sustainable terrace construction. Everything from a single source.

And because creating a terrace can be very complex even with the best equipment, SPAX doesn't just help you with material. We also offer concrete support: references for the right idea, our wood finder, and the digital terrace configurator make it easier to plan your terrace. When building the terrace, you can rely on our building tips and tutorials. 



What are the requirements for my screws?


Important in advance: When you build your terrace, stainless steel screws are a must. This is because wooden terraces are usually exposed to the weather all year round: glaring UV light and rainwater can severely affect them in the long term. Because the numerous attachment points for patio screws are located in the surface, they are particularly exposed to rainwater - and thus particularly susceptible to corrosion. To ensure that your construction defies the tides in the long term, do not only use stainless steel screws. But it is best to choose a particularly small screw head. This offers the water as little attack surface as possible. The choice of screws is particularly important for terrace constructions near the coast, as salt water poses a particular challenge to corrosion.

Wind and weather not only stress your patio screws: the wooden floorboards can also move and stretch due to temperature fluctuations. This requires fasteners that absorb this well without losing the connection stability between planks and substructure. 



What else needs to be considered?


Rainwater should never stand on wood for long, this promotes the longevity of the wood and it also reduces the risk of slipping. You minimize this with a slight slope that drains rainwater very well and thus helps to maintain your wooden terrace for a long time. With a gradient of 2%, you are right in most cases.

In addition, high humidity damages the terrace not only on the surface, but also underneath. In the case of poorly thought-out constructions, a so-called waterlogging can form between the decking and the substructure. Even the substructure itself should not come into direct contact with the moist soil or gravel. With the SPAX Lift you can compensate for a height difference or unevenness in the floor, as well as ensure ventilation of the substructure. When mounted on concrete slabs, our SPAX pads ensure that the substructure does not come into contact with the damp ground. In order to avoid excessive tension between planks and substructure timbers, it is absolutely advisable that both are chosen from the same type of wood. Alternatively, all types of wooden planks can also be screwed onto an aluminium substructure. 



What solution does SPAX offer?


To protect your wooden terrace from corrosion, SPAX offers screws in stainless steel A2. For structures near the coast, which are particularly affected by the weather, be sure to use SPAX terrace screws in stainless steel A4. Whether you work with a substructure made of wood or aluminum, SPAX offers the right screws for both. Visibly or not visibly screwed - with the options of SPAX you can easily decide according to taste.

To build the perfect terrace, SPAX has not only thought of the right screws. But to everything: With the SPAX system solution, we supply every product to make your terrace as safe and durable as possible. With the SPAX tape, for example, rainwater can drip off wonderfully and thus protect the substructure from moisture and moisture. With the SPAX Air or .dem Stick pro, with the concealed screw connection, you avoid waterlogging between the decking and the substructure. For better ventilation between the substructure and the concrete slab, simply use the SPAX Pad. Just like the SPAX Lift support feet for easy levelling of the terrace area. With the Kaiman Pro you can easily align warped boards. As you can see, you can rely on SPAX at every step of the construction of your terrace. And thus enjoy it for a particularly long time. 


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