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Business Founder Prize

We encourage independence: In 2010, together with the Bundesverband Holz und Kunststoff (BHKH - 'Federal Association for Wood and Plastics'), SPAX awarded a prize for business founders in carpentry and joinery for the first time. All individuals that have completed their examination for the master craftsman's certificate in 2010 and intend to found their own carpentry or joinery business are entitled to participate, and have a chance to win the main prize: 10,000 euros will be awarded for the most innovative master craftsman's examination project. "Our Business Founder Prize is intended to emphasise the importance of the highest certification of competence in carpentry and joinery," explain BHKH President Alfred Jacobi and Micha Hochstrate, Product Manager for timber construction at SPAX. "At the same time, we want to encourage young craftsmen and craftswomen to make the leap into independence. The successfully completed examination for the master craftsman's certificate has given them everything they need."

The applicants are required to submit the drafts, planning and documentation for their master craftsman's examination project. In addition, they are requested to present on a maximum of one A4 page the business that they wish to found, describing their business economics approach, their entrepreneurial attitude and their personal strengths.

Federal performance competition

We support know-how: Every year the best apprentices of the joiners and carpenters compete in their own official German championship. The winners from the different federal states of Germany are determined in advance, and within the framework of the competition they have 19 hours in which to produce a piece of work that is not known in advance. This performance increases their chances of success in the German championship. The location where the competition is held changes every year – SPAX is always there.