Packaging solution

The advantages of the new packaging

  • Big window panel
  • The packaging is easy to open without any major effort
  • Simple removal of the desired number of screws by pulling out the slipcase
  • Handy and stackable dimensions with clear label on the front side of the packaging

The new label guiding system

  1. Manufacturer’s trade mark and product name
  2. Recess incl. size designation and colour coding of the bit size
  3. TÜV Nord logo
  4. Specifications on the surface (e.g. WIROX
  5. Image of the product, corrosion protection information or material number for stainless steel, article number and colour coding
  6. Number of pieces
  7. Thread diameter and length specification
  8. Approvals
  9. EAN code (according to Annex DoP)
  10. CE marking and ETA number
  11. QR code for further product information



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