SPAX supports Haiti aid

Even a year and a half after the severe earthquake in Haiti, many people there are still homeless. The “Habitat-ht” project continues to provide assistance under the leadership of Dieufort Wittmer. He flew to Haiti in July 2010, accompanied by the three travelling tradesmen Eddy Ewert, Amar Guebailia and Martin Siebald, in order to build houses together with 15 natives. He receives assistance from SPAX International, with the company providing the necessary SPAX.

The idea was that the three German tradesmen and Dieufort Wittmer, a German-Haitian construction engineer would provide detached houses designed to be as quake-proof as possible to families made homeless by the earthquake. “Our motivation was to go where help is really required and to live and work with the people affected,” explains Wittmer.

“It is a very intensive and lively time that sometimes takes us to the brink,” says Dieufort Wittmer. “But I also find it exciting and beautiful to help the people create something. We are very grateful for the support!”