Decking demands not only that weather-resistant wood is used but also the right fastening materials: SPAX decking screws made of stainless steel (A2, A2 antique or A4). The SPAX CUT point and characteristic SPAX ground serrations easily penetrate the wood, the fixing thread ensures the decking boards are secured tightly to the substructure and the cylindrical head can be countersunk easily into the wood.

SPAX with a special drill point and robust metal double thread is the best choice for fixing wooden planks to aluminium.
The SPAX Bold, with its decorative washer head, offers the perfect finish for wooden decking where the screws are visible.

And the right SPAX accessories for every task are also available: for straightening warped decking boards, installing ventilation strips or separators, for invisible fastening or for a height-adjustable installation system – SPAX makes work easier.

The SPAX outdoor brochure

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