The SPAX sustainability programme

Everything lasts longer with SPAX.
Even our planet.

We are deeply aware that we must take responsibility for everything we do – both for the sake of each other and our environment. Each individual contributes to climate change and can help to shape the direction this takes. As a company, we play a particularly important role – and we have realised that we can make things happen!

We give sustainability the significance it deserves and constantly question our actions – as a contribution to the preservation of our planet, as a message to our employees and as a commitment to our customers.

We take a stance – as neutral as possible.

The Paris Agreement on climate change serves as a guiding beacon for society. We want to make our contribution to climate neutrality and are always on the lookout for potential improvements to reduce greenhouse gases. In doing this, we focus on the upstream and downstream activities in our company. Although we do not have a direct influence on all such activities, we always look to see where we can identify room for manoeuvre.

We care.

Scope 1
All emissions caused directly by combustion. These arise from the activity of a company – for instance, through their machines or fleet, or the gas they use for heating and air conditioning.

Scope 2
All indirect emissions. These emissions are generated through the consumption of electricity, heat or steam that companies buy from utilities – for example, when operating production facilities and office buildings.

Scope 3
All other indirect emissions in the supply chain. These are generated as a result of a company’s activities throughout the value chain that are not within its control – for instance, in the provision of raw materials, transport, commuter traffic and business travel.

Our goals

We want to avoid – or at least start by reducing – the consumption of energies, particularly from fossil sources. This is why we are pursuing the following objectives:

Procurement of sustainably produced products

No waste
Avoidance of waste on all levels

Reduction of energy consumption

Protecting the environment
Reduction of pollution through emissions, water consumption and noise

Process optimisation
Effectiveness of work, business, production and development processes

Resource-efficient development

Our measures

We have converted all lighting in our production areas to environmentally friendly LED lighting. Our offices are also fitted exclusively with energy-saving ceiling spotlights. In less frequented rooms, we use motion detectors that automatically switch off the light when users leave the room. This system is mainly employed in rooms that remain unused for longer periods of time, such as a shift management office in production.
To support our hot water needs for production in Ennepetal, we have invested in new air compressors. Most of the energy used to generate compressed air is converted into compression heat that can be utilised – the recovered energy heats our operating rooms and service water and is also used in our industrial processes.
In our hardening plant, we have improved the intermediate washing system processes during the heat treatment of our screws. Whereas our screws were previously washed at 70°C between the hardening and tempering processes, a new cleaning system has enabled us to reduce this to 35°C – with the same wash results. This not only saves us huge amounts of energy, but also a lot of water since we also avoid evaporation losses.
We already established a sustainable environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 back in 2017. This commits us to continuously reviewing our operational processes in terms of environmental protection. We constantly optimise operational environmental protection, identify opportunities and risks and reduce environmental risk. We embrace our ecological responsibility through consistent compliance with environmental guidelines.
As an environmentally conscious company, we are converting our entire vehicle fleet to e-mobility. Since 2020, we have increased the share of electric and hybrid vehicles from 7% to 31% – and rising. We have also set up our own intelligent charging infrastructure with 28 charging points for our vehicles. Efficient charging management ensures that the total current is distributed intelligently and is never exceeded during charging.
We obtained energy management certification in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 back in 2014 and are firmly committed to the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency. We have identified our savings potential and are optimising it in an ongoing process. We have recorded our company’s energy consumption and assessed its efficiency. Based on our findings, we have developed technical, strategic and organisation measures to improve our energy efficiency.
We are currently reviewing our concept for the construction of our own combined heat and power plant at our site in Ennepetal. The entire production area is to be supplied with heat and power from the combined plant. We have also developed a concept for the climate-neutral operation of our administration building in Gevelsberg. This involves the use of green electricity, the addition of photovoltaics and a combined heat and power plant as well as wind energy and biogas to offset the electricity consumed.
In order to prevent plastic waste and create a better eco-balance in the production of packaging, we have started to replace our product packaging with environmentally friendly alternatives: our professional packs are made of fully recyclable cardboard and we have renounced the use of all plastic as a packaging material. We are also planning the successive replacement of our retail packaging with environmentally friendly alternatives.
All paper products made at SPAX – such as cardboard packaging, catalogues, flyers and brochures – are FSC-/PEFC-certified. Through this, we guarantee that the paper we use comes from economically, socially and ecologically sustainable forestry. The certifications mean we can ensure the commitment of forestry operations to comply with applicable legislation, maintain or improve working conditions, protect indigenous people and keep environmental impacts low.



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