We have extended our wood construction range!

Discover our tried-and-tested products in new dimensions and versions.

Wood cross sections are becoming narrower and taller, floor coverings are thicker and heavy duty connectors are increasingly effective. In order to ensure you can continue to rely on original SPAX even when faced with these new requirements, we’ve come up with something to make our range that little bit better.

WIROX A9J range:

SPAX offers high corrosion protection through the WIROX surface. The chromium(VI)-free surface also protects the environment.

Our new washer head screws

6,0 mm with additional lengths of 40 mm to 300 mm (go to product)

8,0 mm with additional lengths of 500 mm and 550 mm (go to product)

Our new full-thread screws

8,0 mm countersunk head in the lengths 120 mm and 140 mm (go to product)

8,0 mm cylindrical head in the lengths 160 mm and 500 mm to 600 mm (go to product)

10,0 mm countersunk head in the lengths 120 mm, 160 mm and 700 mm (go to product)

Stainless steel A2 (1.4567) range:

Austenitic non-rusting stainless steel. For exterior applications in weather-exposed areas.

Our new stainless-steel screws

8,0 mm countersunk head with additional lengths of 80 mm to 300 mm (go to product)

8,0 mm washer head with additional lengths of 220 mm to 300 mm (go to product)

The new dimensions at a glance:

The outstanding properties of an original SPAX:

T-STAR plus force application: Guarantees an even firmer hold and better SPAX guidance. For optimal force transmission, even when working overhead.

The MULTI head: The innovative pocket segments help with every application. On wood, they have a milling effect, and on metal, they function like a brake to prevent over-tightening.

The corrugated profile: The unique cut of the thread all the way to the point ensures rapid, safe fastening and effortlessly pulls the screw into the wood.

The 4CUT: The point significantly reduces wood splitting and pre-drilling is made unnecessary for most wood types. The moment the screw bites is also effectively reduced. The cutter on the thread run-out expands the wood even more and the thinner shank no longer produces friction. This keeps the torque low and saves energy. Leading to more fastening with a single battery charge.



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