Universal screw WIROX

SKU: R:1600_11690

  • Use: Visible fastening of metal fittings
  • Higher tightening torques
  • Secure fastening of fittings

Also known as a double cross or Pozidriv, the cross recess Z is a further development of the cross drive by the Phillips Screw Company. The difference is that the four flanks of the screwdriver blade do not taper towards the tip. This increases the lateral hold for the screwdriver bit and reduces the so-called cam-out effect. This occurs through the typical tapering on conventional cross drives, since the torque exerted by the cordless screwdriver pushes the bit upwards and out. What this means for you: No more worrying about screwdriver bits slipping out, easier work with much less exertion. This saves a huge amount of time.

Screw connections can also be true eye-catchers if required, with screw heads even presenting a key design element. Our universal screw with pan head is the best example of this! The practically spherical design of the screw head with T-STAR plus drive is particularly suitable for the visible attachment of metal fittings on wood. The flat underside of the head lies flush against the metal, making the pan head both a necessary and attractive part of the fitting. Meanwhile, the WIROX surface adapts to the colour of the high-quality metal fittings. What this means for you: No forfeiting the appearance of high-quality fittings through mismatched screw heads.

In contrast to the partial thread, the full thread on most of our full-thread screws covers the entire – or most of – the screw length from tip to head. The more thread turn a screw has, the greater the tensile and compressive forces that can be absorbed by these screws. We make particular use of this in structural wood construction, where our full-thread screws are called upon for heavy-duty wood connections. What this means for you: Wood connections with full-thread screws offer maximum reliability when it comes to resilience, and there's no need to use any ugly zinc-plated fittings!

The term 4CUT is used to describe the fact that the point of our screws is not rounded, but rather shaped like an arrow. These four edges displace the wood fibres upon insertion and thus create space for the core diameter of the screw. The otherwise inevitable expansion at the core of the wood is effectively reduced, minimising wood splitting around the edges. The required cordless screwdriver torque is also reduced, since the screw core no longer needs to "squeeze" into the wood. What this means for you: Practically no pre-drilling required any longer – even in the edge areas of your workpiece that are normally prone to splitting! The 4CUT means you can skip an entire work step.

Effective corrosion protection is a must for screws used for outdoor structures not exposed to the elements. For this, SPAX has developed the WIROX coating, which far outdoes conventional galvanisation in terms of both protection and durability. Our WIROX-coated screws are significantly more resistant to mechanical stress than their counterparts with chromate conversion coating. No chromium(VI) is used for WIROX, which means that even after years in an area not directly exposed to the elements, the screws are not only just as resilient, but are entirely environmentally friendly, too. Our WIROX screws are the ideal choice for all open structures without direct exposure to the elements, such as carports and pergolas. For areas with extreme weather exposure, such as decking, we continue to recommend our stainless-steel screws.What this means for you: When you use our corrosion-protected screws outdoors, you can be safe in the knowledge that your structure is well fastened – in outdoor areas not directly exposed to the elements, WIROX keeps our screws statically rigid and reliably protected over many years. So there's no need for visual inspections every year!