Irrespective of whether you’re working with MDF boards, rear panels, wooden elements or metal fittings, it always makes sense to use the right fastening materials for the job when assembling furniture elements. The SPAX-M with partial thread and slender head, for example, facilitates perfect fastening of MDF materials and thin-walled, wood-based board. Whether it’s for shelving or kitchen cupboards , SPAX-M is the best choice for MDF. SPAX with a pan head are good for securely fastening metal fittings. The SPAX flange screw with cross recess is the ideal screw for fastening hardboard. It offers higher tightening torques when screwing in the rear panels of shelving or cabinets without damaging or warping the material. Centerdrilled SPAX can be easily screwed in without pre-drilling. The decorative plastic caps are available in a range of colours.

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