Whether it's as a sun shade, a privacy screen or trellis, a pergola in the garden gives you great freedom to design what you really like: attached to the house or free-standing, a single-row or double pergola. In any case, we recommend the use of impregnated wood for do-it-yourself builds. Depending on the basic shape of the pergola, sufficient post anchors, weather-resistant screws, construction brackets and construction timber must be provided. The SPAX washer head screw with 6, 8 or 10-mm diameter and WIROX coating is ideal for pergolas built outdoors but without direct exposure to the weather. That’s because WIROX offers considerably better corrosion protection than the conventional bright zinc plating. What's more, the washer head permits higher tightening torques, so that even warped timbers can be pulled together tightly. The different thread diameters allow narrow and wide cross-sections to be screwed together. The SPAX Post screw made of A1 stainless steel is the perfect fastener for fixing posts to ground anchors. It fits many types of metal anchors and thanks to its centring head and screw collar, ensures a clean finish and optimum appearance.

Konny presents: Build yourself a pergola with SPAX

Konny Reimann gives tips on how to build a pergola with SPAX-screws.

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