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SPAX Product Catalogue Compact 2021


SPAX Pricelist 2021

Product brochures

SPAX Outdoor Wooden Decking

SPAX Outdoor Decking and Facade

SPAX slate screw

Flyer - SPAX Adjusting screw

Flyer - SPAX Sealing Screw

Product leaflet - Indoor (02/2018)

Product leaflet - Construction

Flyer - SPAX washer head screw with optimised partial thread

Product leaflet - SPAX Iso

Wirox-Yellox (07/2021)

Product leaflet - SPAX Decking Portal

Product leaflet - SPAX Rack

Product leaflet - SPAX L-BOXX

SPAX VKF Sales Brochure


Data Sheet Profi - Universal screw, black galvanised

Data Sheet Retail - Universal screw, black galvanised

SPAX T-STAR plus Bits

SPAX Data Sheet Decking supports

SPAX science of screws 2020

Data Sheet - SPAX Auto-Feed Screwdriver Compatibility



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