FEX screws are specially designed for window construction. With them, SPAX offers a full range of screws for a wide range of applications in window construction. The FEX range is structured as follows:

FEX: the fitting screw
Suitable for fastening fittings to wood profiles and plastic profiles without steel reinforcement. Their CUT point effectively reduces splitting on wood profiles.

FEX-A: the window frame-drilling screw
Suitable for steel reinforcement to plastic profiles and fastening fittings to single-wall plastic profiles with steel reinforcement. Its drill point enables optimal drilling, both manually and automatically.

FEX-KS: the fitting screw
Suitable for fastening plastic profiles without steel reinforcement. Its special geometry means it can be used without any pre-drilling and guarantees a sturdy hold.

FEX-RS: the roller shutter screw
Specially designed for fastening roller shutter profiles. Despite their short length and narrow thickness, the screw does not require pre-drilling. A special needle point enables clean and rapid screw insertion. The screw is available for the most common profiles.

FEX-H: the wooden window frame screw
Suitable for fastening fittings in classic wooden window profiles. Its 4CUT point enables clean and simple fastening in wood and reduces the insertion moment.

FEX: combi screw
Suitable for fastening fittings and corner bearings to plastic windows with steel reinforcement. It features a drill point and two successive thread types. In the upper area, it has a coarse thread (for plastic) and a fine thread in the lower area (for metal).

FEX: Coupling screw
The FEX coupling screw enables the simple and safe joining of window profiles. Thanks to its drill point, it can be used for window profiles with steel reinforcement without pre-drilling.



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