Pre-drilling refers to the drilling of a hole in the workpiece that has a smaller diameter than the screw. Pre-drilling creates space for the screw in the material and thus prevents the workpiece from splitting. Pre-drilling is a time-consuming work step that can be effectively dispensed with by using SPAX with ground serrations and SPAX 4CUT point (depending on the wood). This tedious pre-drilling is then no longer necessary (depending on the wood) as the special SPAX 4CUT point cleanly pushes aside the fibres of the wood, preventing splintering and splitting of the wood even when the screws are positioned close to the edge. It should be noted that pre-drilling is always recommended for very hard woods.

Pre-drilling diameters for SPAX in softwood and hardwood:

* not currently regulated by national technical approval ** not customary in Germany

Softwood: fir, spruce, larch, pine, Douglas fir

Hardwood: oak, beech



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