Concealed beam hangers

Sometimes, the most beautiful connection is the one you can't see.  After all, with concealed beam hangers, the connection of secondary beams to main beams becomes virtually invisible. Depending on whether one of the two connector parts are countersunk in the main beam, the joint will be practically seamless when the secondary beam is slid into place. Alternatively, a shadow gap is created in which the connection is only visible upon close inspection. An elegant solution that means no compromises when it comes to aesthetics.

2 Products

Concealed connector concrete SXHCC
Concealed concrete connector SXHCC
  • Material: Aluminium
Concealed connector SXHC
Concealed wood connector SXHC
  • Material: Aluminium

SPAX concealed connectors

What are the challenges for fastening?


Since in the case of connections of secondary beams on main beams, transverse forces act predominantly on the connectors and thus the screws, the fastening is about converting these forces into tensile forces that are much more favorable for screws. This is done by screwing the connector part, which sits on the secondary beam, diagonally into the end-grain wood with SPAX fully threaded screws. On the main carrier side, the connector part is secured by a variety of SPAX wood connector screws, which can be loaded on shearing and pulling out. The secondary beams can also be secured against hanging.

What solutions does SPAX offer?


With our concealed connectors SXHC for wood/wood connections and SXHCC for wood/concrete connections, we have two specialists for all cases in our portfolio. All loads arising in your project can be safely dissipated by choosing the right connector size as well as by combining two parallel connectors. The connection itself can be realized with our connectors at right angles, diagonally and inclined to the main beam.

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