Our whistleblower reporting system

Report rule violations exactly where they can be stopped!


In order to reduce obstacles and overcome hurdles, we have implemented an ABC Group whistleblower reporting system that applies to our entire corporate group with all companies in Germany and abroad. Our internal compliance reporting office follows up on all incoming information and offers whistleblowers a protected environment.

Which facts have to be reported?

  • Criminal conduct (bribery, theft, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Anti-competitive behaviour
  • Conduct contrary to cartel law
  • Violation of data protection regulations and manipulation of documents
  • Violations of occupational health and safety, safety or environmental protection regulations
  • Grossly inappropriate social behaviour, harassment, discrimination and other violations of the General Equal Treatment Act
  • Forced labour and child labour
  • Attempts to conceal any of the foregoing

Reporting form



Use our form for your reports. You can use this form to contact the Compliance Reporting Office of the ABC Group. By providing your contact details, you enable our Compliance Reporting Office to contact you directly in the event of queries. If you wish, you can remain anonymous vis-à-vis the ABC Group.


Information on the processing of your personal data when reporting compliance violations can be found here.


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In addition, we have set up the ABC Whistleblowing Hotline for telephone reports: +49 (0) 7542 949 21 00 90


§ - The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) provides for a general right to choose between internal and external reporting. Further information on external reporting procedures and reporting offices of the Federal Government, the Länder and the EU can be found here.

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