Questions and answers (FAQs) about the ABC Group whistleblower reporting system



1.      What facts should I report?


Our whistleblower reporting system is available to you for reporting serious misconduct and gross violations of rules and laws related to our business. This includes, among other things:


    ·        criminal conduct, in particular

        -        Bribery (including attempted bribery)

        -        theft

        -        embezzlement of material

        -        Damage to property through embezzlement or fraud

        -        other criminal offences

    ·        anti-competitive behaviour

    ·        conduct contrary to cartel law

    ·        violation of data protection regulations and manipulation of documents

    ·        violations of occupational health and safety, safety or environmental protection regulations

    ·        grossly inappropriate social behaviour, harassment, discrimination and other violations of the General Equal Treatment Act

    ·        forced labour and child labour

    ·        Attempts to conceal any of the foregoing


2.      Why is my contact information needed?


We take your report seriously! In the course of the investigation, queries may arise that we need your assistance to clarify. By providing your contact details, you enable our Compliance Reporting Office to contact you directly in the event of queries, as well as for ongoing status reports and final feedback once the investigation is complete.


3.      How will my anonymity be protected?


You decide on the degree of your anonymity.

A report can be submitted anonymously, e.g. by using our online reporting form or by suppressing your telephone number when submitting a report by telephone.

By providing your contact details in the online reporting form, you only disclose your identity to our Compliance Reporting Office, which is established with our Ombudsman (DDSK GmbH, Dr.-Klein-Str. 29, D-88069 Tettnang). Your identity remains protected vis-à-vis the ABC-Group. Please inform the compliance reporting office of this wish each time you submit a report.


4.      Do I have to fear disadvantages if I file a report?


You will not suffer any disadvantages as a result of making a report.

Measures taken against whistleblowers as a result of a report, e.g. warning, dismissal, suspension or transfer, discrimination, salary reduction, negative performance evaluation or mobbing, are not permitted and will be punished with legal sanctions.


5.      What do I have to expect if I submit a false report?


If you deliberately make false reports or make malicious allegations in your report, this may result in consequences under labour law and criminal law. A report should therefore only be submitted via the whistleblower reporting system if you are convinced to the best of your knowledge and belief that the reported serious misconduct is true. 


6.      How is my personal data processed?


Click here for information on the processing of personal data.

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